Capoeira Luanda San Antonio
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Annual Batizado Celebration
​An annual event which celebrates a year of training and growth for every capoeirista.  It's an opportunity for new students to be welcomed into the capoeira world and a chance for others to graduate to a new level.  The entire event consists of workshops, the Batizado, and a Troca de Cordas(changing of cords).  This year we have the honor of hosting the Formatura for CM Esquilo Preto!  The batizado/formatura will be from June 14th-June 17th (Children's workshops will be on June 12th & 13th).
Interested in learning more?
                                                                                The payment schedule is as follows:

CLSA & Austin students (Deadline is May 20th): 
      Adults:  $165.00
​      Teens:  $110.00 + $10 for each additonal sibling          Children: $90.00+$10 for each additional sibling
Visiting Capoeiristas:
       Wed thru Sat - $150.00
       Thurs thru Sat - $120.00
       Friday thru Sat - $100.00
       Friday Only (Formatura) - $65.00
       Saturday Only (Workshop & event) - $85 
       Ind. Workshops - $40 each
Guest Packages
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Capoeira Luanda of San Antonio/Austin 2023 Formatura/Batizado Registration Form
Please fill out the form so that we can accomodate your needs & make this a great event for everyone! Register & pay by May 20th to guarantee a shirt!
Masks are optional.  There will be hand sanitizer available. Thank you for your cooperation & help in keeping everyone safe.