Capoeira Luanda San Antonio
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Annual Batizado Celebration
​An annual event which celebrates a year of training and growth for every capoeirista.  It's an opportunity for new students to be welcomed into the capoeira world and a chance for others to graduate to a new level.  The entire event consists of workshops, the Batizado, and a Troca de Cordas(changing of cords).  This year we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Capoeira Luanda, so come and help us celebrate!
Interested in learning more?
                                                                                The payment schedule is as follows:

CLSA & Austin students (Deadline is May 21st): 
      Adults:  $150.00
​      Teens:  $110.00 + $10 for each additonal sibling          Children: $85.00+$10 for each additional sibling
Visiting Capoeiristas:
       Wed thru Sat - $110.00
       Thurs thru Sat - $100.00
       Friday thru Sat - $85.00
       Saturday Only - $50.00
       Ind. Workshops - $30 each
Guest Packages
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Phone #
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Capoeira Group
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Visiting From (city)
Arrival Date & Time 
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Flight info (Airport, Airline Flight #) (type N/A if you are not flying)
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Shirt Size
Capoeira Luanda of San Antonio/Austin 2022 Batizado Registration Form
Please fill out the form so that we can accomodate your needs & make this a great event for everyone! Register & pay by May 21st to guarantee a shirt!
ALL GUESTS/PARTICIPANTS will be REQUIRED  to take a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their participation in the event.  Please bring the result with your name and the date the exam was taken (you can also bring a quick COVID test to take at the door).  We will also have some tests available for purchase.  There are no exceptions.  Thank you for your cooperation & help in keeping everyone safe.